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How Smart Lighting Design Merges Art & Technology

Experience the Beauty & Smart Control of Today’s Residential Lighting Design

How Smart Lighting Design Merges Art & Technology

Interior design considers furnishings, artwork, wall colors, and decorative displays. One of the most important elements, however, is the light that illuminates it all and brings out their best features. 

As residential lighting design experts serving Eden, UT, Lynn’s Audio Video understands the importance of a home's lighting. A light’s brightness, color, and strength can profoundly affect a home's mood and the people living there. It can make a room feel warm and welcoming— or unapproachable. It draws attention to the home’s most impressive aspects and sets the stage for a family’s many activities.

Thanks to today’s smart home technology, your home's lights can instantly transform appearance. You're no longer limited to one hue and intensity. Now, your lights change for every occasion and mood. Let’s show you how.

Google Drops Nest Camera Quality

Why is Your Google Nest Camera Feed So Terrible Suddenly?

Google Drops Nest Camera Quality

We’re all staying home now and using up our internet bandwidth more than ever. Streaming, surfing, and even our security systems are taking up valuable space on the internet pipeline. Comcast’s infrastructure isn’t going to blow anytime soon, but the strain is causing companies like Google to modify their products and service during this strange time. Google announced recently that they will be dropping the default recording quality of their Google Nest products, specifically their camera enabled devices. You’ll probably be receiving a phone or email notification soon.

Lynn's is Open and Safely Serving Logan and Cache Valley During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lynn's Audio Video is a Government Mandated Essential Business

Yes, we are open!

Lynn's Audio Video has been serving Logan, Utah and the greater Cache Valley region for over 60 years. Our commitment to the community that helped us grow and prosper has never changed. During this time of crisis we are right next to our neighbors through it all and willing to help every way we can. The Federal Government has determined businesses like Lynn's Audio Video essential during this difficult time. We are positioned uniquely to serve our community for all their essential needs when it comes to staying connected, working from home, or home schooling. Our expert crew takes the difficulty out of your home WiFi and internet services as well as helping you with your TV and entertainment to stay comfortable and weather the storm.

Escape the Cloud With On-Site Home Security

Protect Your Home and Family With Security You Control

Escape the Cloud With On-Site Home Security

Lynn’s Audio Video is your local Home Security expert for surveillance, alarm, and monitoring. Cloud focused products and services carry a lot of concern about privacy and integrity. There have been many headlines about breaches into centralized cloud based services and while they are more affordable we do have in-home options to give you better control and more privacy. On-site home security gives you complete control over your cameras, sensors, and monitoring. This cuts out the risk of third party owned server vulnerabilities and protects against general attacks on an entire service leaving you out of the most high profile data breaches.

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